Reality Pilates Continuing Education Webinar

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Experience Continuing Education with the Convenience of a Webinar!

The two-hour webinar includes two topics from Kerry De Vivo's Reality Pilates Continuing Education Series

Workshop Descriptions:

Layering Workshop - WHAT? WHEN? HOW do you know they are ready?

Looking at the behind the scenes brilliance of Joe Pilates' method, we will explore the layering process of session design. What to do next, when to do it, and how do we know the client is ready?

Working with duets/trios/small groups Workshop - Managing the "3 ring circus"

Look at how to design sessions that meet the needs of all members of a duet/trio or small group session. This will apply discussion of the layering process, maintaining safety, form and progression for multi-participant sessions.

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Designed for certified teachers and apprentices. 

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Reality Pilates Continuing Education Webinar

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